Extreme Cream

Extreme Cream
EXTREME CREAM: Mike Keneally, Rob Pagliari & Kofi Baker
  • Event ScheduleSep 16, 2017 at 10:00 PM to Sep 17, 2017 at 00:00 AM
  • LocationThe Iridium
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Formed in 2009 the Extreme Music Brand includes the band Extreme CREAM and the Extreme Guitar Tour.  Extreme CREAM is a rock n’ roll Super Group / Jam Band based out of Southern California.  The music is inspired by the epic live performances of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and the late Jack Bruce known as CREAM.
Several elite musicians have joined Extreme CREAM on the annual Winter Concert Tours, with the core band members of Kofi Baker – drums, Rob Pagliari – bass/vocals and stunt guitar daredevil Mike Keneally remaining intact throughout the years.
Typically these improvised jam based concerts last 2 hours or more with no break or intermission.  Shows with intermissions have lasted between 4 to 5 hours! Guest musicians of notoriety often join the band each night or can be seen in the audience soaking up the vibes.  Extreme CREAM is both a musicians band and a people’s band.
Extreme CREAM blends the youth and spirit of modern jam bands with the lineage and heritage of rock n’ rolls original Jam Band, CREAM.  While some fans see the Grateful Dead as the first Jam Band in 1967, and the The Allman Brothers in 1969 as the second, it was actually CREAM who was BOTH the first Super Group and first Jam Band dating back to their 1966 LP release.  The Grateful Dead has sighted CREAM as their main influence.
CREAM’s bass player Jack Bruce (R.I.P.) was quoted as saying… “The songs that we play are jumping off points for improvisation.  The only things set are the beginnings & endings.  In between, which can go on forever, is just improvised. We never know who is going to take the lead and what is going to happen next.  It just happens you know, depending on the atmosphere and the way we feel.”
Kofi Baker has added, “Extreme CREAM takes Eric’s, Jack’s and me dad’s musicality to the next level!  We never play a song the same way twice. Each performance is a new experience for both the fans and musicians.  We’ve had very intense and extended jams as a trio between Mike, Pags and I.  Sometimes we go WAY over the top with multiple musicians on stage jamming.  It can be a very memorable and special moment when it all come together!”
In 2014 the annual winter gathering took to the road for a West Coast tour.  At the Anaheim show Vinnie Paul from Pantera was spotted in the audience & backstage as was Kirk Hammett from Metallica during the Whiskey LA show.
In 2015 it was decided to change the name from Extreme CREAM to XGTour – Extreme Guitar Tour for an American 24 city tour. The next year in 2016 it returned to the original name.
Extreme CREAM Alumni…
• Kofi Baker, son of CREAM’s Ginger Baker – (Uli Jon Roth, Ohm, Steve Marriot, Abstract Logic with Jonas Hellborg / Shawn Lane).
• Vinny Appice – (Black Sabbath, Dio, Rick Derringer).
• Jaimie Little – (Uli Jon Roth, Shalamar, Joe Louis Walker).
• Joe Babiak – (Michael Angelo Batio, Parallel Mind, Kill Hannah, South of Earth, Cage9).
• Ted Morton (Pet Shark).
• Mike Keneally – (solo artist, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Frank & Dweezil Zappa, James LaBrie’s MullMuzzler, Henry Kaiser, Dethklok, KMB, Beer for Dolphins).
• Uli Jon Roth – (solo artist, Scorpions founder, Electric Sun).
• Chris Poland – (solo artist, Megadeth founder, Ohm, OHMphrey, Polcat).
• Derek St. Holmes – (solo artist, Ted Nugent, St. Paradise, Whitford/St. Holmes, MSG).
• Gary Hoey – (solo artist, Lita Ford)
• Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal – (Shrapnel Records recording artist, Guns n’ Roses, Lita Ford, Art of Anarchy).
• Craig Goldy – (Shrapnel Records recording artist, Dio, Dio Disciples, David Lee Roth, Giuffria, Budgie, Rough Cutt, Black Knights Rising, Resurrection Kings).
• Vinnie Moore – (Shrapnel Records recording artist, UFO, Alice Cooper, Vicious Rumors).
• Joey Tafolla – (Shrapnel Records recording artist, Jag Panzer, Graham Bonnet, Hardline, Black Sabbattak, Tyrese, Ken Tamplin).
• Michael Angelo Batio – (solo artist, Nitro, Holland, C4).
• Howie Simon – (Alcatrazz, Graham Bonnet, Jeff Scott Soto, Ken Tamplin, Alcoholica, Talisman).
• Roy Z – (HALFORD, Bruce Dickinson, Tribe of Gypsies, Driver, Rob Rock, Warrior, Glenn Hughes).
• Brett Ellis – (solo artist, Glenn Hughes)
• Raymond DiGiorgio – (solo artist, RDG).
• Keith Moreland – (Pet Shark)
• Rob ‘Pags’ Pagliari – (OHMphrey, Chris Poland, Ohm, Divine Right, Nomad Railway).
• Mark Boals – (Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, Dokken, Ring of Fire, Royal Hunt).
• Elliot Dean Rubinson R.I.P. – (MSG, Uli Jon Roth, Michael Angelo Batio, Black Knights Rising, Cactus).
• Joe Lynn Turner – (solo artist, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen, Hughes Turner Project, Black Knights Rising).
• Tim “Ripper” Owens – (solo artist, Judas Priest, Dio Disciples, Iced Earth, Yngwie Malmsteen, Beyond Fear, Charred Walls of the Damned, Black Knights Rising).
• John West – (solo artist, Uli Jon Roth, Royal Hunt, Artension, Cozy Powell, Black Knights Rising).
• Wayne Findlay – (MSG, Uli Jon Roth, Vinnie Moore).
• Lindsay Jagich – (1st chair La Primavera at Carnegie Hall, 1st chair Biola University, recorded with Kelley James, Pet Shark).
Brand / Production Manager Andrew Banks adds… “The goal is to participate in as many Jam Band Festivals we can. This will enthrall and enlighten fans with a modern and extreme version of the the first Super Group / Jam Band in rock history.  The musicians who have played with Extreme CREAM since 2009 jump into a completely improvised musical setting using skill, finesse and a touch of wizardry. “

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